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Make May Day “Unwanted Email Unsubscribe Day”

I get way too much email. The bulk of my email isn’t even personal messages, but mostly bulk email messages from newsletter subscriptions, web site and online shopping offers, fan site updates, business networking updates, social networking updates, Twitter alerts, Facebook notices, etc.

I’ve been getting so many of these that the personal and direct business emails have been getting lost under it all in my Inbox. On top of that, my mail files has become so large that the file became corrupted, and I wasn’t able to delete some messages.

Usually I spend a little bit of time one or two days a week just going through my mail sorting and deleting. It gets hard to keep up with it all, and I am still missing important messages.

I finally concluded: “the best thing to do is to reduce the amount of email I receive”.

So the first of May is tomorrow. Often referred to as May Day, which reminds me of the distress call “Mayday!”. I have made this the day, starting today, that I sit down with my email, take a good look at these bulk mail messages, and I UNSUBSCRIBE to them.

Here’s what I did:

  1. In my Inbox I clicked the top of the column where it says “From”. This sorts all my mail into groups of people and organizations.
  2. Then I scroll through the list looking for the biggest groups. These probably send to me every single day of the week.
  3. If I don’t want to see their emails again, I open one and scroll down to the bottom to find the UNSUBSCRIBE link. Bulk mailers are supposed to include an unsubscribe link.
  4. I click the link, which takes me to their web site where I am clearly offered an option to UNSUBSCRIBE, or they notify me that I will no longer receive their emails. (They have 10 days to comply according to the FTC).
  5. After I’ve unsubscribed I close the email message, and then I delete all the other messages in that group.

So save yourself, your Inbox, and your sanity, and make today your Email Unsubscribe Day!

Work 52 percent faster with a 24 inch monitor

I was reading an exclusive survey article “Get the Most Out of Your Home” in the April 2010 issue of Money magazine. When discussing the home office they reported:

Researchers at the University of Utah have found that people using 24-inch computer screens worked 52% faster than those using 18-inchers when doing tasks like editing a document and copying numbers between spreadsheets.

They went on to suggest that you get one for as little as $199, but I’ve found a couple of nice refurbished 23 and 24 inch monitors at TigerDirect for $160 to $170, and a new 23-inch for $190. No extra charge for shipping.

Dell 23 inch Widescreen Full HD LCD Monitor (Refurbished Dell S2309W)

This monitor is not only useful for standard home office work and study, but it is also great for viewing movies and photos, playing games, or even editing video. I checked one out in person and found the images had great lifelike detail and brilliant vivid colors. its typical high contrast ratio of 1000:1 delivers deep blacks and stark whites. It’s DVI-D connector lets you view high-definition multimedia content from Blu-ray Disc drives on desktops and notebooks. It also has a standard VGA connector for use on older computers. Its sleek, glossy bezel (thats the frame around the screen) fits in beautifully in any decor. Plus the tilt-adjustable panel lets you position the display to a comfortable viewing angle. Buy a refurbished Dell S2309W with free shipping for $160 at Tigerdirect.  

Acer 24 inch Widescreen HD LCD Monitor (Refurbished Acer P244WBD)

The Acer P244WBD 24″ Widescreen Monitor compares very well to the Dell model above, and your getting the full 24 inch HD image here. It, too, has a stylish sheer glossy black bezel that’ll look beautiful on your desktop. I felt the blacks were even deeper on this monitor and some scans of some old black and white photos I had look exceptionally good. They didn’t have the blue or greent tint that I often see on other color monitors. Buy a refurbished Acer P244 WBD 24 inch HD LCD monitor at Tigerdirect for only $170.

Viewsonic 23 inch Widescreen LCD HD Monitor (New! Viewsonic VA2323wm)

You can get greater productivity with this 23 inch widescreen LCD HD monitor from Viewsonic. It’s large enough to view two full sized documents, side-by-side onscreen. Or you can have 2 or more programs visible onscreen simultaneously. The VA2323wm is competitively priced, and includes two hidden stereo speakers.

It only costs $190 to get this new Viewsonic 23 inch widescreen HD LCD monitor from TigerDirect.

Skylarking Readers in Scotland

I don’t know how many of you check out the ClustrMap at the bottom of the site, but if you scroll down you’ll see it shows geographic locations of this blog’s readership. You can click on the map image to get a closeup, down to a national or state level, but NOT to a city or town level.

Once and a while I like to click on the map myself, and see what parts of the world are and are not reading my blog. (It’s nice to see the People’s Republic of China hasn’t blocked me out.)

But, anyhow, I’m Scottish. I was born in New York, baptised in Ayr, and my grandfather supposedly hailed from Dunragit.

So I was looking to see where they’re reading me in Scotland.

Looks like I’ve got some readers around Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paisley, Aberdeen, maybe Kilmarnock and Dundee, too. It’s really hard to tell because doesn’t track it down to the city level. It just shows a rough, and distorted, geographic location.

Where are you reading Skylarking? No matter where in the world you are, post your city or town in the comments below.

Skylarking Syndicated by Yahoo!

Bellmore, New York (April 1, 2010) — Skylark NetWorks, announced today that its technology blog, Skylarking, has signed a 5 year syndication agreement with Yahoo!

This partnership will be a part of Yahoo!’s efforts to become the top educational news source for emerging computer and Internet hardware and software for homes and small business.

“The wry humor and easy-to-understand style presented by Skylarking — on a nearly every other day basis — aligns perfectly with Yahoo!’s family friendly image and its appeal to Internet users from 9 to 92,” a Yahoo! representative said. “Not to mention how Skylark’s avian form complements the world famous uplifting tree trunk “Y” of the Yahoo! brand.”

“Needless to say what Skylarking has been able to contribute to the general public’s computer skills and knowledge in as little as two years is phenomenal.”

“I thought this was some massive joke when Yahoo! approached me with this offer, but I’ve always been something of a Yahooligan,” said Skylark NetWorks president and Skylarking author Robert Saunders. “Yahoo!’s faith in Skylarking will allow the Skylark name to soar to new heights, but I won’t ‘nest’ on my laurels.”

Robert Saunders will take on the title of “Yahoo! Technology Editor” while remaining the principal contributor to Skylarking.

Yahoo! stocks (YHOO) rose 2 cents per share on the NASDAQ when the markets opened shortly after the press release was issued announcing the new syndication deal.

In other blogging news: