Another iPhone Upgrade. Privacy at Risk

Courtesy of Apple

Courtesy of Apple

Gizmodo released a video today illustrating a security flaw in the iPhone 2.0.2 upgrade which was released on August 15. The video demonstrates how to bypass the passcode needed to unlock a locked iPhone.

To bypass the code anyone can move the locking slider, and when asked for the passcode they need only tap the “Emergency Call” button once, and then double tap “Home”. The video below demonstrates the technique.

Once unlocked they have full access to the phone and can make calls, send and read emails, make online purchases and more.

Apple had addressed the issue in an email released today, but no date for a patch to this security risk has been mentioned. Instead Apple suggests users modify their settings so that the Home button goes to their music collection instead of their Favorites.

Back on August 5, I reported on Apple’s release of a firmware upgrade (v2.0.1) which was designed to remedy widespread problems experienced by iPhone users who upgraded to the iPhone 2.0 operating system after July 11. Problems addressed were instability issues, application crashes, responsiveness, and speed.

13 days later, August 15, v2.0.2 was released to address connectivity issues with the faster 3G wireless networks and a few other minor problems with the App Store and the Safari Internet browser.

It’s been yet another 13 days and now Apple has yet another hole to fill in their popular devices operating system. A date for release is pending.

Apple projects sales of the iPhone are to reach 10 million by year’s end.

Update Aug. 29: Still no exact date for the update, but word from Apple has it that it will be some time in September.  My guess is they’re all off for Labor Day weekend, so they’ll tackle late next week.

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  1. Sonja says:

    Wow! I thought I was doing something wrong with my phone to have all these problems. I’m going home and upgrading tonight. Thanks for the report. I liked you flyer for MS Word, too. Thx!

  2. Hi, Sonja, thanks for posting your comment. I’m glad you’ve found a use for the flyer. I use may of those shortcuts everyday. My students keep them handy at home and office, too.
    As for your iPhone, most definitely dock it at least once every two weeks. That seems to be the rate at which they’re updating the firmware. I hope your problems clear up with the phone.
    Also, you may have noticed, they are saying the update will come in September. I suspect we’ll see it in 7 to 10 days.
    Thanks again. Hope to see you here again.

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