CNN Daily Top 10 Email Spam

A new variation on the Storm worm virus delivery system is going around.  (Last month it was the “FBI vs Facebook” email spam.)  The new email message is designed to look like a “Daily Top 10” list of new stories from, but the email isn’t from CNN.  It’s a fake, also known as a “spoof”.

CNN Daily Top 10 spam

CNN Daily Top 10 spam

Features of this email message include:

  • Links that, if clicked, take you to a site designed to look like a CNN site.
  • An “Unsubscribe” link which goes to the true CNN site, but since the message isn’t from CNN, the link will not help you.

The Storm Worm virus threat lurks at the phony CNN site, not in the email message. Those happy computer owners that keep their antivirus up-to-date will be protected against the risk at the web site. The email message itself contains no virus risk.

The better email services such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail, among others will probably filter these messages out. Otherwise, just delete it.

If you receive either the “FBI vs. Facebook” or the “CNN Daily Top 10” email messages, just delete them.

Post a comment below if you need to know how to check if your anti virus is up-to-date, and please tell me which anti virus software you use. If you don’t have anti virus software, I recommend Avast by Alwil software, which can be downloaded for free at

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