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With an accountant in the family, every day is tax time it seems, but it’s getting to be time to prepare for April 15. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer when it xcomes to taxes — or if you want to try it yourself — then look to to get H.R Block’s Tax Cut or Turbo Tax. Prices start at $32 and you get free shipping, too. (The Basic TaxCut 2008 goes for $20 plus $5 shipping).

Either program is simple to install and use with tutorials that guide you every step of the way. Just click, click, click your way to a refund. Start by clicking the picture at right, and let them know Skylarking sent you, or tell ’em a little birdie told you.  (I’ve been waiting 6 months to say that. I know, I know, sad, isn’t it.)

IRS Info

Here are some useful links to the IRS web site with info regarding this year’s tax returns for indivuduals:

  • Tax Changes for 2008: You might be particularly interested in seeing if you are eligible for a Recovery Rebate Credit.
  • Tax Forms at 1040 Central: Scroll down the page to find links to download some of the commonly requested tax forms. You can download the 1040A, the 1040EZ, and the Schedule C for business owners among others.
  • Tax Fraud Alerts: Learn about some of the tax fraud scams that are circulating these days.
  • IRS E-file: File your taxes online for a faster return… I hope, you hope.  If you earned less than $56,000 for the year then you may be eligible to file for free with e-file.
  • Direct Deposit: Save yourself a trip to the bank with direct deposit from the IRS.

Now all I need to do is get started… last week.

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