Apple Working to Eliminate Dirty Glass Backs on iPhones

No one really enjoys cleaning windows. Glass windows that is. And for iPhone users, the fact that the front and back of their phone is just glass has become a problem for many.
Most people are used to buffing the front screen for a quick clean, but they look at the back of the phone so infrequently that by the time they do they find a lot of filth, dirt, and often pocket lint wedged in around the edges or even under the glass back. Particularly annoying to users with white phones as the dirt stands out so much to those around them who only get to see the back of the phone.
In the worst cases large pieces of debris or large accumulations have resulted in unsightly cracks that only get worse over time when the cracks allow in even more debris.
I read today on Gdgt that Apple is coming to the rescue, but their research and development will likely only aid future iPhones, not current ones.
This problem is apparent with other apple products, past and present, such as the Mac G4 Cube in 2000, the iPhone 3G and the MacBook laptop. All of these products were plagued by consumer complaints of hairline cracks.
(I wonder if the high cost of Apple products can be attributed to the costs incurred by Apple in fixing problems discovered after product launch? Your phone may not have cracked but you pay extra so that Apple can afford to repair OPP or “other peoples phones. After all, such costs would constitute overhead from one or more viewpoints.)
As I was saying, Gdgt says word has it that Apple engineers are looking into this problem by experimenting with various third party cases for iPhones to see what can be done about the invading debris and cracking glass issues on future iPhones.
(Posted from my 3G Slide Droid phone.)

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