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Do you know someone you’d like to write email to, but they don’t have, don’t want, or don’t use a computer? You probably think there’s no way around it, huh?

Well, think again. You actually have a choice: Presto or Celery.


Neither is magic or tasty — though you may feel otherwise — but either of these services will cross the communication gap between the computered and the computerless.


Celery is an email service that works with a fax. No Internet connection needed. If you’re computer-shy you can handwrite a letter, place it in the fax, press two buttons, and that’s it.  The Celery service converts it to email and delivers it for you. You can also use it to send news or magazine articles, coupons, photos, or anything that can fit into your fax. When someone sends you email it prints out on your fax. It will even print photos and PDF attachments. Watch the video for a demonstration.


Presto: One Way Email

Not everyone has a fax, nor do they want one; and if they had one, they might not be comfortable operating it. Now along comes Presto. Presto allows you to receive email messages.  With Presto you have a printer called a “Printing Mailbox” from Hewlett-Packard (HP). Anyone who has email can send unlimited messages to the Printing Mailbox via the Presto service. Those messages can include photos, too. Presto will print at a time during the day that you choose. Watch the video at right for more information or visit www.presto.com.

No Spam or Viruses

Both services filter out spam and junk mail, and since they use a fax or printer, and not a computer, viruses are of no concern.


For Presto there is a one-time $99 cost for buying the HP Printing Mailbox, and there is a $9.99 monthly charge for the service. Presto will deliver unlimited email messages per month. Visit www.presto.com for more information.

For Celery you can wither use your own fax, or you can buy their customized Lexmark fax machine for $89, and you pay a monthly fee of $8.98 for black-and-white, or $13.98 for color. Celery delivers uip to 100 email messages per month. Visit www.mycelery.com for more information and a 20 day free trial.

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