Pioneer creates DVD with 400 GB capacity

July 7, 2008, Tokyo — The Pioneer Corporation announced today that it has successfully developed a 16-layer optical disc (DVD) that is Blu-ray compatible with a storage capacity or 400 GB. That’s 4 times the current Blu-ray capacity, and 48 times that of standard DVDs.

To date, Blu-ray technology has been either single or dual layer, with each layer capable of storing 25 GB (gigabytes) of information. So a dual layer Blu-ray disc could hold 50 GB of data. The new Pioneer disc will also hold 25 GB per layer, but with 16 layers the capacity comes to 400 GB — that’s equal to 48 DVDs or 586 CDs!

The new technology from Pioneer would make it possible to put a 4 disc Blu-ray DVD set on a single disc. Hence Pioneer is touting the new technology’s ability to conserve resources.

Sony had noted that Blu-ray would be capable of achieving 8 to 10 layers for a maximum capacity of 250 GB, but problems arose as the signal weakened from layer to layer. Pioneer claims to have solved this problem.

The new Pioneer disc is a read-only disc, which means there is no recordable version as yet, but they believe they can transfer the technology to a recordable disc. Pioneer will provide more details on the technology at the International Symposium on Optical Memory and Optical Data Storage 2008 (ISOM/ODS2008) to be held in Hawaii starting on July 13, 2008.

Comparison Chart
1 Standard DVD = 12 CDs
1 Blu-ray (dual layer) DVD = 6 DVDs / 73 CDs
1 Pioneer (16 layer) Blu-ray DVD = 4 Blu-ray DVDs / 48 DVDs / 585 CDs

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