Seinfeld in New Microsoft Commericals

Microsoft has signed Jerry Seinfeld to a $10 million dollar deal to appear in a new series of commercials promoting Windows Vista. Jerry will appear alongside Bill Gates in the new $300 million promotional campaign.

Microsoft will be riffing on the well-known “Mac vs. PC” commercials run by Apple. Those commercials haven’t helpedĀ  popularize Microsoft’s image any, so they will be launching an aggressive new ad campaign of their own starting September 4.

Actors such as Will Ferrell and Chris Rock were also considered for the new commercials. It’s possible that other actors will be appearing in the commercials as well, but Seinfeld is going to be the anchor of the new series.

Jennifer Aniston anyone?

Ben Worthen at WSJ also recalled Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry’s involvement in a Microsoft Video Guide to Windows 95. The guide was not a commercial but a “educational introduction” to the then new OS in 1995/96. You can see a clip of that video here.

In a related story, InfoWorld reports that 35% of new Windows Vista computers are downgraded from Vista to XP.

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  1. Tony says:

    Seinfeld! Awesome! On the same creen as Bill Gates? That’s gonna be crazy funny. I am definitely Tivoing that! Can’t wait.

    I can’t believe Aniston and Perry did that spot. They must have been paid mucho dinero.

  2. Hi, Tony. I’m looking forward to seeing this commercial spot too. I’m sure you’ll start seeing them on late night television on Sept. 3. They seem to run the long form of the commercials on the eve of a new campaign. After that they’ll run the more common shorter versions.

    I don’t know how much they got for this 30 minute promo in 1994. That’s the same year Friends premiered (September 22, 1994); that will be 14 years ago a month from today.

    Thanks for writing, Tony.

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