Everyone and the Johnsons file federal taxes for free

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I received an interesting email today. eSmart tax is letting everyone in the U S of A to file for free online this year. No catch. No strings attached. This is the digital age, folks. Free lunches are becoming commonplace in the new economy.

And that’s not even the interesting part.

Is your name “Johnson”? Not only do Johnsons file free, but they get extras courtesy of eSmart’s new spokesperson, Daryl Johnson. Thanks to Daryl, you Johnsons get these bonuses:

The eSmart Refund Maximizer service: eSmart will review your return and look for additional tax reductions for greater refunds. They just might find items you never knew would qualify you for a larger refund.

Then there’s their CPA Audit Assistance. If you get audited by the IRS a Liberty Tax CPA audit specialist will be assigned to your case to support you throughout the process. Granted, this is service no one wants to call on, but it’s great to have in reserve.

Do you often ask “What if I did it this way?” Then you’ll appreciate the Compare “What If” Scenarios feature. You can consider the effects of that house you bought, or your new marital status, or those kids of yours who went to college. See how these situations change your tax liability, and see how you can get the best possible return.

So no matter who you are, check out eSmart and file for free. Even if you’re not a Johnson.

I wonder what they’ll do for the Smiths? The Joneses?

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