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For over almost two months now you’ve seen the Alltop badge at the top of the page on the Skylarking tech tip blog. The badge confirms “that I kick ass” because I’m on Alltop, but, truth to tell, I have only officially been on Alltop for a little over two weeks now.

What is Alltop?

I’m going to pretend you didn’t ask that, and then I’m going to answer your question anyhow. … Okay, Alltop is the “digital magazine rack” of the Internet. Alltop evaluates articles from a broad range of blogs on the web. Many of these blogs are picked up by word of mouth on social networking sites such as Twitter and Truemors.

Alltop is owned and operated by Nononina, Inc. which was founded by Will Mayall (Chief Technical Officer), Kathryn Henkens (Chief Financial Officer), and Guy Kawasaki (CEO of Garage Technology Ventures, and former Apple software evangelist in the 1980s). “They’ve been working together since the previous century and are still friends.”

Technically speaking, Alltop is an “RSS Aggregator”. That is, they collect RSS newsfeeds from blogs and other web sites on the Internet.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and it’s used to “spread the word” from blogs and other sites. It’s the Internet equivalent of the ticker you see running at the bottom of your screen on many news sites or during news alert bulletins, but RSS also allows for these “feeds” to be displayed on other sites through the addition of some simple coding. People can also subscribe to news feeds with “readers” such as Google Reader among others (you can see a list of RSS readers at


So now Skylarking is officially listed at, and you can find our newsfeed their in their Tech section at So if you’re looking for top shelf articles from the blogosphere, I urge you to head on over to and browse around. You can see the titles of the blogs, and up to the 5 most recent articles from each. Alltop is careful to be sure they only include blogs that are updated regularly, so you’ll only see the latest and the greatest that’s available.

Thanks, Alltop! I’m so happy to have made the list.

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