Vote for Skylarking on the Long Island Blog Network (Updated)

I recently entered Skylarking in the Long Island Blog Network developed by Bruce Chamoff of Hot Web Ideas. You’ll find Skylarking in the technology blogs area with several other great Long Island Technology Blogs I’ve recently started following. Cruise or click on over and take a look. Specially if you are a Long Islander. (We have ways of tracking this.)

The Long Island Blog Network is currently taking votes to elect the best Long Island blogs. There are three categories you can vote on:

  • Most Unique and Exciting Blog
  • Most Quality Blog Articles
  • Most Practical Blog for Long Islanders

Take a look around and cast your vote. You can vote for each blog once a day, and they will tally the results at the end of June. (Correction: July)

And while you’re there, I hope you will cast a vote for Skylarking. I kind of like the “Most Quality Blog Articles” area.


  1. Hey Rob, you don’t have to publish or approve this comment, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting this, but there are a few minor mistakes that should be corrected in this blog post:

    1. The link to Hot Web Ideas should be to, not .com

    2. We are tallying the results at the end of July, not June.

    Other than that, great post and great blog. I will be reading and commenting often.

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