$100 Xbox 360 Price Drop

Microsoft Store

After Sony dropped its prices last week for the PS3, Microsoft followed suit and lowered prices for its Xbox 360 console gaming system. The Xbox 360 Elite is now available for $299, down $100 from $399. The new prices is effective as of yesterday, Friday, August 28, 2009.

The Xbox 360 Pro system was reduced by $50 to $249, and the Xbox 360 Arcade edition kept its price at $199.

I’ve been holding on to my old Xbox game console, but I’ve checked out the new Xbox 360 several times over the past few years, and I think this price drop will cause me to take the plunge and get the new system. I’ll have to research the differences between the Xbox 360 Pro and the Xbox 360 Elite. I’m thinking the Pro edition is good enough for me.

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