Send a Gift Certificate

Running out of time for your holiday shopping? Gift certificates are often the best choice at such a time. Here’s a link for purchasing a gift card from with an option to send the certificate by email or postal mail. Considering today’s Wednesday the email option is looking very attractive, especially when you consider the crowds at the shopping malls.

A Gift Certificate makes it easy for you, and easy for the person you send the certifcate, too. Neither one of you will have to deal with the traffic, the parking lots, or the crowded stores. The entire shopping experience can be handled from the comfort of home.

Gift certificates can be made out for any amount from $10 to $2,000. So be an Instant Santa! Get a gift certificate from for your Holiday presents!¬†Order before¬†12/25/09. I know, the “12/25/09” in the link is a little scary, but have no fear, the expiration date applies to the link, not the gift card.

Once your friend receives their gift certificate they have up to a year to deposit the funds from the gift card into a account. Once they do that the funds are good until spent. The funds won’t expire.

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