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windows-7Back on October 23 in my post I’ve Upgraded to Windows 7, No Static At All, I discussed installing WINDOWS 7 FAMILY PACK on three different computers, and a reader calling himself Ballpeen asked:

Have you installed on your family members’ pcs yet?
I am wondering if the pcs need to be installed from the same physical location? (does it check IP?)

Example, my brother & father live in different cities, can all 3 of us use the key that comes with the family pack?


I have made that installation — and one other — and there were no problems whatsoever activating Windows 7 Home Premium Family 3 Pack on three different machines in three different locations.

I installed Windows 7 in my computer first (as you know), then a few days later I installed it again from the same 3 pack DVD on a friend’s computer. They live in another town, and they use a different Internet service than I do. I activated Windows 7 on their computer with no problem. Then, a few days later, I installed the last of the 3 installs allowed with the WINDOWS 7 FAMILY PACK on my dad’s computer. He, too, lives in another town, and uses a different Internet service, and there were no problems activating Windows 7 on his computer either.

So there you go. Three installs from the same DVD on three different computers, in three different locations, on three different ISPs. No problems.

So if you and you’re friends are interested in upgrading to Windows 7, why not consider chipping in together on a Windows 7 Home Premium Family 3 Pack.

I upgraded from Windows Vista, and I’m very happy with the results. My friend and my dad were both running Windows XP previously, and they, too, are very pleased with Windows 7. My friend claims his computer even starts up faster now than it did before.

By the way, I’ll be keeping the original DVD. If they ever need it, they’ll have to call me for it. But I’ve never needed to access the original disc unless I was reinstalling the operating system.

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