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Flirting With Disaster

Genesis Repertory Ensemble
Flirting with Disaster

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[amazon asin=B00005NBZD&text=Flirting With Disaster] may have been the title of a great song by Molly Hatchet, and a [amazon asin=B0001XALTQ&text=Ben Stiller movie], but its not something you should do with your computer files.

Yet its exactly what tens of thousands of people do every day by not having a file backup system.

So many people I know answer this by saying, “Well, I don’t have anything really important on my computer anyway.”

“So all those digital photos you’ve been taking on your family trips, vacations, and barbecues aren’t important to you? You won’t miss them if your hard drive crashes and you can never look at pictures of those memories again?”, I counter.

Genesis Repertory Ensemble

Me, top left, in black and gold, with the Genesis Repertory Ensemble

I continue, “I wish I felt that way since that time about 4 years ago when I lost 5 years of digital photos from my stage acting days with the Genesis Repertory Ensemble. I still wish I had backed them up to this day. Then there was that other time my hard drive failed and I “almost” lost about $1,500 in music files from iTunes. Fortunately, I had learned my lesson the first time, so I only lost about $100 worth of songs.”

That’s usually all it takes.

Have you been flirting with disaster? Are you willing to lose all those digital videos and photos you’ve taken? All those songs and movies you’ve downloaded? True, songs and movies can be purchased again, but your kids only graduate high school once, and you might never get to shoot photos on that once-in-a-lifetime vacation again.WD My Passport Elite, 320 GB HD

Western Digital External Hard DriveDodge disaster with a backup drive. Most people can get by with this little silver 320 GB external hard drive from Western Digitalicon which sells for about $70. Or if you want something a little flashier, you can pay an extra $10 more to get one in red, charcoal, or blue. They work with Windows (XP, Vista, or 7) and Macs, too. Just plug one into a USB port on your computer and you’ll be backing up your files in minutes. These 320 GB models are great for backing up laptops, too.

If 320 GB isn’t enough then consider one of these 500 GB external hard drivesicon. They’re available in a range of colors, too.

Need more storage space than that? You monster! How digital are you? Have you scanned every document you have? Well, you’re going to need a 1 TB or 1,000 GB external hard driveicon. Yes, 1 TB (terabyte) is 1,000 GB (gigabytes) or 1,000,000 MB (megabytes). They start around $100.

More?! Then you’ll have to be satisfied with one of these 1.5 and 2 TB external hard drivesicon. You might as well backup all your computers with one of those. Enjoy yourself.

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