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Black Friday at TigerDirect

The day has come. Black Friday. The biggest retail sale day of the year and the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Here at Skylarking I’ll be keeping my eyes open for some great deals, and hopefully some coupon codes I can pass on to you. Remember, I only comment on products that I consider to be worthwhile bargains or valuable items and services considering my own perceptions of trends in home and office computers and entertainment. You can read more about my decision making process in Skylarking’s Disclaimer and Privacy page. I am not being wined, dined, or entertained by any of the companies and services I review here.


TigerDirect: “Pink Friday”


Usually the retail industry refers to the day after Thanksgiving as “Black Friday”. It’s usually the biggest sale day of the year and they typically make a profit which puts them “in the black” as opposed to a loss which puts them “in the red”.

TigerDirect is calling it “Pink Friday” because they will be contributing a portion of their sales to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for Breast Cancer. They’ll also have a Live Webcast all day long where they’ll be offering prizes, giveaways, and more (also known as “fun”). I’ll be checking it out once I get my shopping done for the day. Woo hoo!

Follow the Links! They have too much going on for me to talk about it all here, so click on the banners  at left and above to check it all out. If I had to single out some items they would be:

sonysale Sony Laptop: They have a one day only offer on a Sony laptop with a 15.5 inch screen, 3 GB or RAM (memory), an incredible large $320 GB hard drive (storage) running with a Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor, and Windows 7 Home premium (64-bit). You’ll get it for $580 which is about $70 off their usual price. plus you get that free shipping offer, and you could potentially save another $5 if you use Google Checkout. Click the banner at left (The webcast one over there <<<) and then scroll down to find this one … fast!

acer-netbookAcer Aspire One Netbook: Netbooks! Netbooks! Netbooks! I want one and this is the one I would get. This model has received great reviews. If you need a small portable computer for web access, then check this one out. It has an Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB of memory, and a sizeable 160GB hard drive for storing files. It also runs on Windows XP, has a memory card reader, built-in speakers, WiFi, Ethernet, and webcam. It comes in pink, but you can easily cover that up with a slip case cover. It’s only $229 with free shipping. If you don’t get it for yourself, then get one for me …please.

tomtomTom Tom XL 340 Auto GPS. Know someone — other than me — who won’t stop for direction but really should? Get ’em a Tom Tom. This is a new model for only $99. It comes with North American maps, spoken instructions, 7 million points of interest to check out in their travels, plus a portion of the sale goes to breast cancer research. Give the gift of “knowing where you’re going”.

Much much more to see! They also have gift guides for any price range, age group, or gender.

TigerDirect and Google Checkout

TigerDirect is providing a $5 discount on orders over $30 before shipping and taxes when you use Google Checkout to make your purchase. This offer is usable only once per customer.

Free Shipping on Orders over $100 and Under 35 lbs.

This offer is only valid for orders that qualify for and ship via UPS Ground within the contiguous lower 48 states (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and international orders are excluded as such).

Black Friday and CyberMonday at Buy.com

Friday ends in the black for retail outlets, hopefully, and Monday is cyber. Monday is the day the computer retailers offer some more big savings on electronics. Buy.com has you covered both days. Here are some links for you to check out their offerings.

buycomgifFollow this link to check out the Black Friday offerings at Buy.com: Avoid Crowds! Shop Online at Buy.com for Black Friday Deals and Save up to 70% while supplies last! Exp 11/29/09

Cyber Monday Price Drops from Buy.com!

On Monday you can click the red CyberMonday banner to see savings of up to 70% at Buy.com. If you click it before Monday you’ll see the Black Friday page.

If you don’t know Buy.com you really should look them over. I’ve been shopping there for years. I get a lot of DVDs, CDs, software, and electronics. I’ve mentioned them earlier in my T-Mobile G1 Battery post.

Thanksgiving Special: Save up to $1,049 on MacBooks

Save up to $395 on Apple MacBooks
Rebates end 11:59 pm PST, 11/28

Save up to $1,049 on MacBook Pro
Rebates end 11:59 pm PST, 11/28

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Netbook Offers (Dell and ClubMac)

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Netbooks lately. Netbooks are small, compact, lightweight computers that are very handy for travellers who need to have a computer handy.  They are great if your primary interest is Internet access while travelling. Most netbooks have built in WiFi for wireless Internet access — great at Internet cafes such as Starbucks, Borders, and some Barnes and Noble bookstores, among others. They can also be tethered to a cellphone for Internet access, too.

Some will say, “Isn’t this a laptop?”

Netbooks are much smaller and much lighter than laptops, and tend to use Flash memory cards like your digital camera, so netbooks have fewer moving parts than laptops. Netbooks also have less storage space, but most come with online storage or USB capability for thumb drives.

My top recommendations for netbooks include the Asus Eee PC and the Dell Inspiron mini 9. These two machines are expected to be hot items on Black Friday. That’s three days from today.

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Laptop Computer

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Laptop Computer

Staring at $399 this version of the mini 9 comes with Windows® XP Home Edition (yes, XP, not Vista). It’s covered by a 1 year limited warranty with Mail-In Service. It has an adequate 1 GB of RAM (memory), 8 GB Solid State Drive (storage), an integrated 0.3M Pixel Webcam. The processor is an Intel® Atom Processor® N270 (1.6GHz/533Mhz FSB/512K cache). The hi-res LED screen measures 8.9 inches, and is backed by an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA). It also has a wireless 802.11g Mini Card, a long lasting 32WHr Battery, Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 8.1, Microsoft Works 9 without MS Word.

New orders can get a 3G upgrade for $125.

Click to take a better look, customize, and buy from Dell:
Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Laptop Computer

For you Linux OS fans out there, there is a $349 Ubuntu Unix version starting at $349:
Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Laptop Computer

Eee PC 901 12G – XP Home – Pearl White – Intel ATOM Processor

Also starting at $399 from ClubMac is the Asus Eee PC. It’s about the same as the mini 9, but it comes with 12 GB of storage plus 20 GB of online storage. Click to view and buy from Club Mac:
Eee PC 901 12G – XP Home – Pearl White – Intel ATOM Processor

Update: Watchout for netbooks using HDD (hard disk drives) versus SSD (solid-state drives). I prefer the SSD units because they have no moving parts and are more durable and more shock resistant than standard hard drive (HDD) technology. SSDs are smaller, and cost more, but their durability makes up for it. This is very important with a small portable computer which is more prone to shocks.

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