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Good Advice from SM Business Solutions

SM Business Solutions LLC is an Inbound Marketing company based in Freeport, NY — not far from the Skylarking offices. It is owned and operated by Sandra McCarty. Among other tools and outlets, Sandra recommends blogging as a means to “grow your business”.

She puts her money where her mouth is, as she is an avid blogger and ghost blogger, and she blogs every week on her own site.

Not only does she blog on methods for growing your business using websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, but she also provides some advice on protecting your online identity and your computer. One particular useful post from a computer security standpoint is:

Beware of Computer Hackers: Discusses how to avoid online pitfalls that could infect your computer with viruses, spyware, and adware. I also liked Sandra’s comment on this post where she discusses using secure passwords for your online services.