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Vote for Skylarking on the Long Island Blog Network (Updated)

I recently entered Skylarking in the Long Island Blog Network developed by Bruce Chamoff of Hot Web Ideas. You’ll find Skylarking in the technology blogs area with several other great Long Island Technology Blogs I’ve recently started following. Cruise or click on over and take a look. Specially if you are a Long Islander. (We have ways of tracking this.)

The Long Island Blog Network is currently taking votes to elect the best Long Island blogs. There are three categories you can vote on:

  • Most Unique and Exciting Blog
  • Most Quality Blog Articles
  • Most Practical Blog for Long Islanders

Take a look around and cast your vote. You can vote for each blog once a day, and they will tally the results at the end of June. (Correction: July)

And while you’re there, I hope you will cast a vote for Skylarking. I kind of like the “Most Quality Blog Articles” area.

Postcards from Miss Igorota

Postcards from Miss Igorota


Miss Igorota

One of my favorite sites on the web is the blog Postcards from Miss Igorota. This site plays upon the roaming gnome photo concept seen in television commercials, but in particular to this site, the 2001 French film “Amelie”.

Postcards from Miss Igorota was started by two bloggers: Conniechiwa / Fortuitous Faery, “a Filipina turned Jersey girl”; and Gingmaganda, whom I assume is from and lives in the Phillipines. Ginmgmaganda gave Conniechiwa an Igorota doll. (The Igorot people are from the Cordillera region of the Phillipines island of Luzon.) Conniechiwa decided to make the doll her “travel mascot” and took her wherever she went, and thus the photo blog of Miss Igorota’s travels was born. The current Miss Igorota is the second doll to bear the name after the first became a bit smeared from a water bottle in Conniechiwa’s purse.

Mr. Iggy

Mr. Iggy

If you check out the site you may wonder how the girl’s manage to move around so fast, but the site actually features photos of yet another igorota doll named “Mr Iggy”. Mr. Iggy appears primarily in the Philippines and Asia, while Miss Igorota appears in photos from North America. Miss Igorota (pictured above has painted lips, while Mr. Iggy does not.

Started around May 2008, Miss Igorota is entering into her second year of travels. Take a look and browse around. You might be interested in reading her story/origin and the 7 random facts about Miss Igorota, or you can also read up on the bloggers in charge.

Blog Review: Blooms and Blossoms

Have you ever admired the beauty of the autumn leaves? Whether you have or not, I recommend checking out “Blooms and Blossoms”, the blog of artist and photographer Petra Voegtle.

Very early this morning I was surfing the web, just going from link to link, when I came across Petra’s blog. Her most recent post, “Vines in their Festival Costumes…”, featured photos of glorious red vines climbing the side of a home. The stunning red color leapt out from the black background of the page.  Scrolling down revealed brown and ochre photos of oak trees. Further down, slender red leaves of sumac. Very beautiful. Take a look, maybe it will make your day.

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Cutie Booty Cakes – a guest post

My name is Renée aka Mekhismom and today I am writing a guest post here at Skylarking. Can you imagine my surprise when I was asked to write this post? Robert and I “met” by reading each others blogs. I have to admit when I read his comments on one of my posts I was curious. I am a “mommy blogger” and have few male readers (that I am aware of). But the internet which I refer to as The Great Unifier, enables you to “meet” all sorts of people. Our interaction led to the discovery that we are both natives of Long Island and eventually led to the writing of this post.

Today we are going to take a departure from the “techy” side of things. I want to introduce you to my blog Cutie Booty Cakes. My blog is named after the original cutie booty, my son Mekhi. Cutie Booty Cakes are diapers shaped like cakes. I create these “cakes” for new and expecting mothers. You may be thinking why would anyone want that? Once you see my creations I think you will understand. But first think about it – what is the most essential baby item that new and soon-to-be moms need? Diapers! Who wants to show up at a baby shower or hospital with a plain box of diapers? Not very creative or unique. But if you walked in with this –

Or this

You would be sure to make an impression. I have many other styles but just wanted to give you a sample. And of course if you need customization I can do that too. If know someone expecting a baby or there is a new baby in your life consider a Cutie Booty Cake for a unique and beautiful gift.

And even if you are not in need of a Cutie Booty Cake stop by my blog where I discuss my adventures as a work at home mom creating diaper cakes and starting my new business.

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Monkey Fables and Tales

Monkey Fables and Tales

Monkey Fables and Tales

Here’s another blog I found last week: Monkey Fables and Tales. This is a humorous, personal storytelling blog where the writer, known simply as “Monkey Tale”, writes down his almost daily thoughts even when he doesn’t have any. Let me warn you, his sense of humor isn’t for everyone, but he has his moments where he keeps it clean enough for most. Regardless, he tries to entertain in each and every post whether he’s talking about work or his inner thoughts.

In his best posts he tells good humor filled stories about his daily life. Today, there’s the story about the day he lost his voice. I also enjoyed the letter he wrote to his car titled, “Where’s The Love?”. In the former story you can almost imagine being in his head as he and his friends walk down the street or while he tries to drink to regain his voice at the restaurant.

He’s part of the Entrecard.com network (which I mentioned yesterday) and I like his ad with the monkey asking, “How about if I spank you?” (I’m not going to get into the origins of that question).

He has a few other blogs which are more serious.  There’s Sensory Overload, a book review blog, and So Now What? where he reflects on politics, the economy, and current events.

None of these blogs tell you who he is, or where he comes from, and that’s probably not the point, but he’s out there in more ways than one.

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Over the Labor Day weekend I spent  lot of time reading some blogs I found on the Entrecard.com network. Entrecard.com is a bloggers network. They provide a system for finding and introducing bloggers to one another. Members of Entrecard, such as myself, have to add a “widget” to their blog that indicates they are a member. The widget also allows members to advertise other member blogs. You can see the widget at the top right of every page on Skylarking.




One of the blogs I found on Entrecard was titled Splinters written by a blogger who calls herself Suriel. As far as I can tell, Suriel lives in Arizona with her husband. They’re musicians in a band called Reliquary. Suriel also plays with a band called Paris Burning. She plays “bass guitar, keyboards, and sometimes percussion”.

One of the things I like about Splinters is the graphics.  She has a great anime style ad for her blog (shown at right) along with a great photo of her playing bass onstage.

Of course, I enjoy Suriel’s writing, sense of humor, and the way she plays with words. Lately she had been writing about her move to a new home which had scorpions in it, but fortunately they were “killinated”. She’s also been keeping an eye on Gustav which has come very close to members of her family.

She’s been blogging since 1998 about her daily life, food, songwriting, music, photography, cooking, her cats, and more. Suriel writes in her blog at least once a week, and I’ve found myself checking in at least once a day to see what’s new, and read some of the older posts as well. Feel free to take a look.

I’ll be writing about more blogs I found as the week goes on.

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Micro-lottery on John Chow dot com

John Chow in Entrepreneur magazine (Jan. 2008)

John Chow in Entrepreneur magazine (Jan. 2008)

Blog marketer extraordinaire John Chow at www.johnchow.com is having a ‘micro-lottery’ with the $27 he captured in Market Leverage’s “Cashinator” booth at the Affiliate Summit East in Boston which ran from August 10-12. Check out the video of John Chow in the Cashinator booth.

John Chow will be giving the $27 dollars to one lucky winner who posts a comment under his Affiliate Summit East – Win Cash Money post. As of Aug. 13, 2008, 5:30 EST there are only 80 comments posted.  Last day to enter a post is this coming Sunday, and he will have the drawing Monday. The winner will receive the $27 via Paypal.

As for the Affiliate Summit East, it’s called the largest affiliate marketing tradeshow in the world.  Affiliates market another company’s products and services in exchange for a commission or a referral fee.  If you have a blog or a web site there are many places you can sign up for free to become an affiliate marketer. John Chow is money of the many bloggers out there who discuss how to make money with blogs.

One of the top affiliate networks out there is Market Leverage headquartered near Orlando, Florida. They offer the highest payouts of any other service from some of the highest paying advertisers online.

So head over to John Chow dot com to see the video and take a shot in the micro-lottery by posting a comment.

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