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Car Connection, your auto shopping resource

thecarconnectionI’ve been shopping for a new car lately. Nothing fancy. I’m mostly practical when it comes to cars. (Don’t mention the new Ford Mustangs, or I will become decidedly impractical). During my web focused car search I came across The Car Connection.

The Car Connection has proven to be a great resource for my car shopping needs. Their reviewers provide full bodies reviews and ratings for just about any car you can think of … or at least as many as this practical shoppr could think of.  The reviews provided sizeable articles on a wide range of makes and models both new and old. So it’s useful even if you’re in the market for a used car.

In addition to the well-written articles, they provide detailed specifications and pricing for each make and model covered, along with a 10 point rating system regarding Styling, Performance, Comfort and Quality, Safety, and Features.

2009-audi-q7-premium-plus_100167859_mLet’s say you’re in the market for a 2009 Audi Q7.  This model has information gathered by 8 on-site reviewers, plus an additional 38 reviews and comments from guests of the site who also provide their opinions on the Audi Q7. They also had information regarding some of the popular equipment packages for the Q7, along with links and summaries of other reviews around the web.

ford_100171131_mForgoing the Mustang for the time being I looked into the 2009 Ford Taurus. Right across the top was an umissable rating of 8.4 out of 10 which was further broken down into the aforementioned categories. Beneath the headline were easy to find links to jump to the portions of the reviews that dealt with those criteria.

Maybe you don’t know exactly which car, truck or mini-van you’re looking for.  Not a problem. The Car Connection has menus and links for narrowing down the type of vehicle you’re looking for based upon a wide range of details. You can search by price, body type, number of doors, sports, luxury, practical (wink wink) or economical.

I also liked the fact that they provided links to auto insurance companies, and that they quite readily referred me to other reputable car review sites. They also provided information regarding financing a car purchase, and links and search tools for classified ads from private owners and auto dealerships are thousands of other web sites.

honda_100173423_mSo whether you’re in the market for a Honda Fit or maybe your business needs a new fleet of mini vans, I think you’ll find The Car Connection to be a worthy and reliable first look location. I’ve found it to be a very professional, personable, and resourceful informational auto shopping site.