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Storage Device Failed? Need Data Recovery?

drg-logoheadacheIt can happen to anyone. Your hard drive can fail, and all sorts of precious data — files, documents, photos, music, videos — can be lost. It happened to me once several years ago. I was preparing to backup a hard drive, and mere seconds from starting the backup process, the drive failed and three years of personal digital photography and 40 gigabytes of music were lost. Back then, data recovery from a failed hard drive was a very expensive task. Too expensive to consider. Today, thanks to companies such as Data Recovery Group (DRG, www.datarecoverygroup.com), data recovery need not be too expensive.

Founded in California back in 1987 by Patrick Ahern the company has now grown and and now has offices in Chicago, Illinois; Southfield, Michigan (their headquarters); Charlotte, North Carolina; and San Leandro, California.

Of course, in the past 22 years since the company was founded, hard drive usage has spread dramatically, and now there are so many more different types of hardware and media that store digital data. Back then the common storage device was the hard drive and the floppy disk, but today we have laptops, external drives, network storage (NAS), digital cameras, smartphones, Flash or USB thumb drives, and more.

17inchmacbookpro2Data Recovery Group can recover seemingly lost data on just about any operating system you can think of. They even handle Apple and Mac data recovery (oh, yes, as dependable as Macs are, their hard drives are just as susceptible to failure as in any other computer system) and server data recovery for networked systems.

Data Loss Sources

Data Loss Sources

To paraphrase Shakespeare’s Hamlet, data storage can be fragile and subject to “the thousand natural shocks that digital data is heir to”. Data loss can result from so many different commonplace calamities: dropped laptops, virus attacks, electrical failure, and bumped external drives. Then there are the not so commonplace sources of data loss such as accidental drive formatting, file system corruption, and, my personal demon, mechanical failures (Is your drive making clicking, knocking, or buzzing noises? If so, failure and loss could be minutes or days away). DRG can even recover files from disasters such as fires, floods, and more.

Storage Failure? What To Do.

It’s important to note that if you experience one of the disasters listed above and you suspect that you have lost data as a result that you should stop using the device, turn it off immediately, and contact Data Recovery Group. If the device is still functioning, normal usage could cause the further or irrecoverable data loss. DRG reports that 85% of all unrecoverable data loss occurs when an inexperienced technician attempts data recovery. Never assume that your data cannot be recovered.

Data Recovery Group can be contacted at their toll-free number (888) 421-2464.

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