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Sony Pocket Edition E-Reader post expanded

I’ve expanded Monday’s post “Sony Pocket Edition E-Reader for $129 at Borders Books” with additional information on book formats, price and size comparisons, and some pictures, too.

Sony PRS-350SC Pocket Edition tech specs

  • Released: September 2010
  • Predecessor: PRS300
  • Languages Supported:
  • File Types Supported: ePUB, PDF, BBeB, TXT, RTF, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP

Overview. 5″ reader using the latest Pearl E Ink screen and featuring an IR based touch screen. Battery life is stated to be 2 full weeks of reading on a single charge. It is available in Silver or Pink. Features both right and left hand page advance and 6 font sizes. A handy search function lets you look up words in 2 English language dictionaries, including The New Oxford American Dictionary, Second Edition and Oxford Dictionary of English, Revised Edition and 10 built-in translation dictionaries.

  • Dimensions: 5 3/4 x 4 1/8 x 11/32 inches (H/W/D)
  • Weight: 5.47 oz
  • Text Formats: ePub (Adobe DRM protected), PDF (Adobe DRM protected), BBeB Book (PRS DRM protected), Text, RTF
  • Image : JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP
  • Memory Size : 2GB User available capacity: Approx. 1.4GB
  • AC Power : Built-in rechargeable battery: 3.7 V DC, 940 mAh
  • Battery Life (Approx) : Approx. 10,000 pages turns
  • Recharging Time : 3 hours with a USB connection, or about 2 hours by the optional AC adapter (PRSA-AC1)
  • Display: 5″ E Ink® Pearl 800 x 600 pixels 16-level gray scale
  • Touch screen: clear screen using IR
  • USB: 2.0

Sony Pocket Edition E-Reader for $129 at Borders Books


Borders Books started selling the Sony Pocket Edition E-Reader for $50 below its regular price of $179 today. It doesn’t have wireless (WiFi) but its a great price all the same.

The Sony Pocket Reader has a grayscale touch screen, holds over 1,200 books, and the battery holds a charge for 2 weeks. It’s very compact, too. You can see in the picture below that it’s a little bit smaller than a paperback novel, and it weighs about the same, too.

SonyPRS 350 Touch screen

Sony Pocket Edition E-Reader (PRS 350)

So if you want to get yourself an e-reader but you don’t want to be locked in to Amazon or Barnes and Noble only, then run out and get a Sony Pocket Reader today. They’re not going to last at this price. It’s $20 less expensive than the basic Nook (Barnes & Noble), and $10 less than the cheapest Kindle.

Note: Amazon only sells digital eBooks for the Kindle. The Kindle reads Amazon’s proprietary “AZW” eBook format, but doesn’t read the EPUB format supported by most other modern eReaders. Consequently, most books available for the Kindle are only the ones Amazon has converted to be read on the Kindle. So when I went searching for some Isaac Asimov novels I wanted to read they couldn’t  be found for the Kindle, but they were available on other eBook webstores such as BooksAMillion.com. (You probably haven’t heard of Books a Million, but they are rated as one of the top 5 book retailers in the US.) They were in the EPUB format, and EPUB formats cannot be read on a Kindle.

Sony Pocket Edition next to a paperback

Size Comparison

What can you read? The Sony Pocket Edition Reader supports the standard EPUB and PDF formats supported by most other readers on the market.

Magazines and Newspapers. I was able to find newspapers and magazines that could be read on the Sony Pocket Reader, such as my local paper, Newsday; and there were a small variety of magazines available, but I suspect I’d find more with a little searching.

eBooks: Barnes and Noble Nook

After my last post regarding the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader, one of my Facebook friends asked:

“Isnt there a thing called the Nook or something that downloads books from the library?”

The answer is a big “Yes” and a little “No”.

Yes, there is a thing called the Nook, and its the ebook reader from Barnes and Noble, but the only library it downloads from is from Barnes and Noble’s catalog of books. Though if you think “free” when you think “library” then you could say “yes” because the Nook has over 500,000 free ebooks available to it, while the Amazon Kindle doesn’t. The nook retails at Barnes and Noble for $259.


One interesting feature of the Nook is its ability to allow you to lend select ebooks to friends for free for 14 days. They don’t even need a Nook themselves. All they need is an app they can install on their PC or Mac or their iPhone. Soon they’ll also be able to loan their books to Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile smartphones, too.

(I do find it strange that there is no Android app yet because the Nook runs on the Android operating system. Is it possible Barnes and Noble will forge some sort of alliance with Google, the provider of the Android OS?)

Expandable Memory

Another plus for the Nook is its expandable memory using MicroSD or MicroSD HC cards. The Kindle only has internal memory, and you can’t swap memory chips with books on them as you can with the Nook.

Color Nav Screen and WiFi

The Nook also has a separate color touchscreen for navigation, unlike the Kindle with its pure grayscale screen. It also has WiFi and 3G wireless, while the Kindle only has 3G. The plus here is you can access WiFi in the Barnes and Noble stores, and elsewhere, and browse and download content in your local bookstore. I suppose if you can access WiFi elsewhere, the you can probably download content there as well.

ebooks: Amazon’s Kindle or Sony Reader

Today, I am starting a series on ebooks and the digital readers. Maybe you didn’t notice, but there was a big jump in the e-book market last month.

Though e-book “readers” have been around for over 5 years already, they didn’t start to click with the public until the Sony Reader and the Amazon Kindle entered the scene.

Sony Pocket

Kindle (6 inch)

There’s no doubt the Kindle is well known, but the Sony Reader is far and away my favorite. The latest and least expensive reader from Amazon is the Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6″ Display and Global Wireless) for $259. While the Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition (PRS300SC) goes for $175 (at Amazon.com, no less).

Amazon only has one other Kindle to choose, and that’s the Kindle DX (with a 9.4 inch display) for $489.

Sony has two other models to choose from: The Sony Reader Touch Edition (PRS600RC), $273, and the new Sony Reader Daily Edition (PRS-900BC) for $499. While the Pocket Edition uses buttons for navigation, the Touch Edition has a touchscreen. Another nice feature for the Touch is a stylus for writing notes on the screen, and the expandable memory with memory chips like you find in a digital camera or smartphone.

The Sony Daily Edition is the only Sony model that has wireless capability like either Amazon Kindle device.

While wireless capability in either device is convenient for the sake of downloading books on the go, and there is no need to worry about the added expense of paying for 3G wireless service from AT&T since Amazon foots the bill for you. The device comes preconfigured.

Both the Sony and Amazon devices allow you to download ebooks from a PC or Mac with a USB cable.

The pros and cons come in with your choice of sources for getting books for your reader. The Amazon Kindle only works with Amazon, while the Sony Readers can get books from any of a dozen or more ebook sites such as www.ebooks.com, www.kobobooks.com (partnered with Borders Books), www.gutenberg.org, Sony’s Ebookstore, and the Google Library, to name a few, not to mention several free ebook sources, too.

I’ll have more information on the ebook readers and ebooks in the days ahead.

Must Read eBooks from eBooks.com (plus coupons)

Download an eBook today

Here are a few bargains I found in the world of eBooks today from eBooks.com.

20% Off — August Coupon Code

Save 20% on ebooks in the Drama, Romance, Law, Science, and Social Science categories at eBooks.com when you use the coupon code Categorysalecp on the ‘payment details’ page for your order.

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Dead Until Dark

Fans of the HBO series might want to check out Harris’s books. Dead Until Dark is currently available for download for $7.99. Compare that to the $10 to $14 you’ll pay for the paperback online or in retail stores. This eBook is available for Adobe Reader and Microsoft Reader.

Sookie Stackhouse is just a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life-and one of her coworkers checks out.… Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend isn’t such a bright idea.

Click on the picture at left for more information and an excerpt from this title.

My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

My Sister's Keeper

Did you see the movie?  Whether the answer is yes or no you should read this book by New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult. Picoult is widely acclaimed for her keen insights into the hearts and minds of real people. In My Sister’s Keeper she tells the emotionally riveting story of a family torn apart by conflicting needs and a passionate love that triumphs over human weakness.

Click the picture at right for more information on the title. And you can download now for less than $8. No need to wait for delivery for $10 or more from other online retailers and bookstores.

Save $100 on the Sony Reader PRS-505 at Borders

borders1Borders and Borders.com is offering $100 off on the Sony Reader PRS-505 eBook Reader. This offer is available to all Borders Rewards members. The offer is valid through this Sunday, June 14, 2009 in stores and online at Borders.com.

Not a Borders Rewards member? Not a problem. It’s free and easy to join. All you have to do is go to any Borders, Borders Express, or Waldenbooks store to pick up a Borders Rewards card — no purchase necessary. Then you can go to the Borders Rewards page at Borders.com and register your Borders Rewards card.

Currently the top eBook Readers are the Sony Reader PRS-505, the Sony Reader PRS-700, and Amazon’s Kindle. The Kindle sells for $359, the PRS-700 is $349, and the Sony PRS-505 lists for $299. So you can get a PRS-505 for $199 with this offer for Borders Rewards members.

Technical Details

  • displays eBooks purchased from the CONNECT eBook online store
  • displays Adobe® PDFs, plus TXT, RTF, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and Microsoft® Word files
  • plays MP3 and AAC files (protected files not supported)
  • internal 192MB memory (holds 160 typical sized e-books)
  • memory slot holds an SD Memory Card (up to 2GB capacity) and Memory Stick® Duo media (up to 8GB capacity)
  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 6.9 x 0.3 inches ; 9 ounces

Sony Reader PRS-505 Description
sonyprs505-2The PRS-505 features re-styled controls which more closely mimic paper page turns and allow for quick, intuitive navigation. The next-generation electronic paper display delivers fast response and high contrast for easy reading even in bright sunshine because it uses reflected light, not projected light like a computer monitor or TV screen does. Eight levels of gray scale provide for crisp and clear text, images, and graphics.

The PRS-505 allows you to carry a wide variety of reading materials whether they are on a cross-country flight, in a doctor’s office waiting room, or at a beach resort.  The Reader can handle a stack of books and other documents that people would rather not carry, yet offers a ‘book-like’ reading experience unavailable with other electronic devices. With the capacity to store up to 160 typical eBooks, the Reader can act as a mobile library. Imagine carrying 160 books in a 9 ounce package — anywhere you go.

Expansion slots for Memory Stick Duo media or SD memory cards make the device’s library practically limitless. The USB-based connection allows you to use the device as a portable drive for the direct transfer of documents, images and other files. A new auto-sync feature also lets you set up folders with books and documents that can be automatically synchronized when the device is connected to a PC.

boxsetsGetting Books

To get books for your reader, all you have to do is:

  1. Download books to your computer from the eBook Store from Sony
  2. Then transfer books to your reader via a USB cable

Other Offers for Borders Rewards members

Borders is offering 40% off on any two DVD box sets. This offer is valid with Borders Rewards membership only. Coupons can be retrieved online for registered Borders Rewards card holders. Offer is valid only in U.S. stores from 6/9/09 to 6/10/09. Offer not valid at Waldenbooks and Borders Express stores.

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