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Power Saving PC from Hewlett-Packard

Anyone who’s purchased a large home appliance such as an air conditioner or refrigerator has probably seen or looked for the EPA’s Energy Star logo. Personal computers are also rated by EPA Energy Star standards, and in July 2007 the EPA revised those standards, with the PC in mind, for the first time in 15 years.

The result: Energy Star 4.0, which indicates a computers positive effects on the environment due to reduced energy consumption.

If you’re a home owner or small business owner looking for a new computer, and you’re concerned about your energy bills, you might be interested in checking out Hewlett Packard’s Compaq dc7800 Ultra-Slim Desktop PC. The base unit has a Intel Pentium Dual-Core CPU, 1 GB RAM (memory), and a 80 GB hard drive (storage), with Ethernet, and the robust and stable Windows Vista Business edition operating system. The base model starts at $789, but Buy.com is offering it for around $690. Neither price includes a monitor, but you can use your existing monitor.  (If you’re looking for a flat-panel monitor, I’ll include some links at the end of this post.)

My minimum recommendation is the package priced around $870 which doubles the hard drive size to 160 GB, and the memory is increased to 2 GB. The lower priced package played CDs and DVDs, while this package adds the ability to burn DVDs. If your budget is tight, or you have no need to burn DVDs, go with the $690 package. You can always upgrade the parts further down the road if needed.