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Beam Me Up!

Star Trek, the new movie, comes out this Friday, and you might want to accessorize for your trip to the theater. Here are someĀ items from ThinkGeek.com. Many of these items can be delivered to you at warp speed.

You may remember I mentioned ThinkGeek.com a while back when I reviewed the Pogo iPhone Stylus. (I’ve been thinking about getting one to go with my T-Mobile G1).

adf2_star_trek_tunic_tees_triumvStar Trek Tunic Tees: These are quality heavyweight 100% cotton shirts in command yellow, science blue, and expendable red. Each has the appropriate department logo in the upper right. There’s even a special captain green shirt, too, with the insignia low on the hip. Sizes run from Small to XXXL, and prices start at $24.99. These shirts can be found in the ThinkGeek Apparel and ThinkGeek T-Shirts departments.

expendableJust in case you didn’t get the “expendable red” reference above, here we go again; and if you got it, but you want everyone else to know, too, then here’s the shirt for you. Just be careful not to buy this for a Mother’s day gift. It won’t go over well. This is also a great deal for only $18.99. (These are 21st century prices by the way.)

Oh, by the way, there’s no Star Trek logo on this one. It only has the classic Star Trek typeface, so you’ll have many more opportunities to wear this shirt. Might be good for casual Friday. Yes? No? Discuss in the comments below, please.

star_trek_classic_communicatorStar Trek Classic Communicator: Well what do you know, they’ll still have voice dialing in the future, and flip phones will sport grills, too. This is a full size replica of the prop from the classic series. It’s doesn’t just beep, it even comes with voice clips and other sounds from the TV show. There are over 20 sound effects and phrases in all, right down to the hailing frequency. Sadly, the communicator isn’t currently supported by any of the major cellular networks. Maybe the folks at Apple can help us out here.

Live Long and Prosper!

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