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Is the Internet essential to daily life?

Yes, it is, according to an Intel sponsored survey of 2,100 men and women. The poll conducted by Harris Interactive found that most adults found Internet access more improtant that watching televison or other, uhm, uh, ‘adult activities’. Here are some of the less risque and interesting ‘figures’:

  • 65% feel they cannot live without Internet access
  • 71% responded that it is important to have laptops, netbooks and mobile Internet devices
  • Most U.S. adults also identify the Internet as a key tool in today’s economy for managing personal finances, finding discounts and the best deals while shopping online
  • 84% have saved money by comparing prices online and finding the best deals before making purchases
  • 66% have saved money simply by shopping online
  • 78% say their ability to stay in touch with friends and family has improved.
  • 68% say they are able to shop more effectively.
  • 47% say they are able to manage their finances better because of the Internet through activities such as online banking and paying bills.

The following items and activities were ranked below Internet access in importance:

  • Cable television subscriptions (39 percent)
  • Dining out (20 percent)
  • Shopping for clothes (18 percent)
  • Gym membership (10 percent)

You can see the full press release on the report on the Intel web site.

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