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What’s in an iPhone 3G … literally

Bill Detwiler, Head Technology Editor for TechRepublic, has a pictorial demonstration of him disassembling his brand new iPhone 3G. In Bill’s own words:

Apple’s iPhone 3G arrived on Friday with a bevy of new enterprise-ready features, including Exchange support, business-grade security, and third-party applications powered by an SDK. As with the first iPhone, we waited in line, bought our phone, signed an AT&T contract, and promptly began to crack open the case. Come along as we disassemble the Apple iPhone 3G.

Also, we always disassembled our gadgets with the intent to reassemble them. The iPhone 3G was no exception. It worked when we put it back together.

So Bill took his iPhone …

Apple iPhone 3G (pair). Courtesy of Apple

Inside the iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G (pair). Courtesy of Apple
from this to this and back again

Take a look at Bill’s picture series as he opens the iPhone.