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Apple Releases iPhone Updates

Courtesy of Apple

Courtesy of Apple

Due to widespread instability issues with the 3 week old iPhone 2.0 operating system, Apple has released an updated version of the famed phone’s firmware.  The updated operating system is for use on the iPhone, the new iPhone 3G, and the iPod Touch (an iPhone without the phone feature).

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The 250 MB update, v2.0.1, “increases backup times, improves keyboard responsiveness, and reduces lag in some applications” (InformationWeek). There were also problems reported with applications for the iPhone freezing and necessitating a reboot of the phone. MacWorld has posted an article for dealing with problematic apps for the iPhone.

How To Get The Update

The easiest way to get the update is to connect your iPhone to a computer and start iTunes.  Once started you can easily click your iPhone entry in the sidebar, and then click the “Update” button that appears.