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Affordable Digital Video Editor and DVD Maker

With all the personal digital video recorders available today from cell phones to Flip Minos to digital camcorders and cameras, you’ll eventually wonder if there’s a simple way to edit your videos, and maybe even share them on a CD or DVD.

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My personal favorite for editing digital video and making DVDs and editing video on my T-Mobile G1 and iPhone has been Corel Video Studio series. Truth be told, it’s called Video Studio Pro, but don’t let the word “Pro” make you think “difficult to use”. Corel’s VideoStudio Pro X3 is very easy to use, and as verstaile as you’d want it to be. Futhermore, it’s very reliable and Windows 7 compatible.

With VideoStudio Pro  x3 you can:

  • Import video from camcorders and DVDs.
  • Edit and convert to all the popular formats such as MPEG, Windows AVI and WMV, and MP4 which works on iPods and iPhones. This makes it easy to carry short home movies on your video capable iPod.
  • Edit and convert video for sharing on YouTube.
  • Burn to DVD and CD in standard resolution or high definition (HD).

Download your 30 day free trial version of Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 today! Give it a try!