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Another Computerless Email Service



I was looking through Walt Mossberg’s Mailbox and read about yet another computerless email service.  It’s Mailbug from Landel. The service uses their Mailbug device (shown at right) which costs $125 to purchase (or give as a gift), and there is an additional $9.95 monthly fee.

You can send and received messages with this device, but attachments and photos cannot be viewed with it, though they can be accessed if you have a home computer with web access.

  • Sends email automatically. No need to log on, just type a message and walk away.
  • Retrieves email without logging on, and alerts you with a red LED.
  • It’s an email device, not a PC so it can’t get a virus, can’t be hacked, can’t crash.
  • Sends messages to fax machines, so you can send a fax or print without a computer.
  • Provides access to news, weather, sports and more.
  • Converts PDF attachments to viewable text without graphics.
  • Comes with everything ready to plug in and go in five minutes.
  • Connects to any standard phone line, and doesn’t interrupt your calls.
  • Comes with its own email address, no Internet Service required.
  • Free, friendly customer support by phone or email.
  • Standard full-size keyboard.
  • Email address book holds up to 100 names, addresses, and phone numbers. It even dials for you.

For more information on this service: http://www.mailbug.com/mb1.html

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