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Micro-lottery on John Chow dot com

John Chow in Entrepreneur magazine (Jan. 2008)

John Chow in Entrepreneur magazine (Jan. 2008)

Blog marketer extraordinaire John Chow at www.johnchow.com is having a ‘micro-lottery’ with the $27 he captured in Market Leverage’s “Cashinator” booth at the Affiliate Summit East in Boston which ran from August 10-12. Check out the video of John Chow in the Cashinator booth.

John Chow will be giving the $27 dollars to one lucky winner who posts a comment under his Affiliate Summit East – Win Cash Money post. As of Aug. 13, 2008, 5:30 EST there are only 80 comments posted.  Last day to enter a post is this coming Sunday, and he will have the drawing Monday. The winner will receive the $27 via Paypal.

As for the Affiliate Summit East, it’s called the largest affiliate marketing tradeshow in the world.  Affiliates market another company’s products and services in exchange for a commission or a referral fee.  If you have a blog or a web site there are many places you can sign up for free to become an affiliate marketer. John Chow is money of the many bloggers out there who discuss how to make money with blogs.

One of the top affiliate networks out there is Market Leverage headquartered near Orlando, Florida. They offer the highest payouts of any other service from some of the highest paying advertisers online.

So head over to John Chow dot com to see the video and take a shot in the micro-lottery by posting a comment.

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