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Play your PC’s Music, Photos, and Video on your TV

I don’t know about you, but I am still waiting for the TV and the PC to come together without having to go out and buy a new television. In earlier articles I have discussed ways to connect your PC to your TV, and though wireless is popular, I prefer wire whenever possible.

WD TV HD Media Player

WD TV HD Media Player

Photos and Videos naturally lend themselves to television, but how, oh  how, to get them from the computer to the TV without having to burn a new DVD? And, as earlier, without having to buy a new TV with some of this capability already built-in.

Enter the “Western Digital TV Hi-Definition Media Player” or the “WD TV HD MediaPlayer” for short, and Buy.com is selling Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player – Refurbished units this weekend for only $85 with free shipping! Regularly this media players goes for $125 new.

HDMI Connector

HDMI Connector

Composite A/V

Composite A/V

This little box connects to your TV via HDMI (left) or Composite A/V (right). If you have an HDTV you may already have a HDMI connector. HDMI allows you to connect audio and video with one cable. If you don’t have HDMI, then you can always use the Composite A/V connections on your TV. Most TVs sold in the last ten years have this connector. You’ve probably seen a composite audio-video cable before with its familiar yellow plug for video, and the red and white plugs for audio sound.

Next you can take an external USB drive with any digital music files, digital photo files, or digital video files on it, and connect it to one of the two USB ports on the WD TV HD Media Player. If you’ve got more than one USB drive, then go ahead and connect one to each of the USB ports. If you have more than two, then you can always switch drives at will to access the content on each of the drive. Western Digital says the media player works best with their own ‘My Book’ and ‘My Passport’ external USB drives, but will work most any USB storage device for that matter.

screen-videoOnce you turn on the media player (and your TV, too) then you will be presented with some beautiful navigation screens to access the media files on your drives. Thumbnail images are shown of your files as shown in the picture at right.

Western Digital has also included some software to convert your photos and videos to a format that works best with the media player. Don’t worry about altering your files. Just connect your external USB drive, and have the software create optimized copies of your files on the external drive while leaving your originals untouched.

And its easy ot navigate through your files with the WD TV HD’s included remote control. And who doesn’t need more remotes in their TV room? … 😎

The box supports full high definition 1080p image presentations through the HDMI connector. When connected to your TV with the composite A/V cable you’ll get standard, non hi-def video playback. Plus, you can play non-HD digital content, too. (Digital and hi-def aren’t synonyms.)

As you can see the box is quite small, and can easily be transported from room to room or place to place, so you can take your media anywhere you go.

You can read more about the WD TV HD media player on Western Digital’s web site. Have I sold you on this device? then go to Buy.com and get your Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player – Refurbished now! I’ll be there getting mine, too. Check back with me if you’re interested in my opinion.

And if you don’t have an external USB drive for your files already, then check out these USB drive deals from Buy.com, too: Western Digital 320GB My Passport Essential USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive – Cool Silver ($80), or the Western Digital 250GB My Passport Essential USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive Refurbished ($60).