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Help Me Out. Questions Needed.

rfs-facebookHi, folks. Thanks for popping in to read this post. It’s been nice to offer all these special offers and price discount notices here, but I started this blog to answer reader questions. I’m looking to answer your questions on computers, the Internet, and software. I’ll even take your home entertainment system or digital equipment questions for cameras, camcorders, and music players.

In the past I’ve answered several questions on how you can format and print envelopes and labels in Word, connect your iPod to your home stereo system, how to correct wireless router problems, and, of course, your questions about Twitter.

It’s been a while since I received some good questions, so please help me out, and ask me questions. Send me questions from your friends and family, too. You can use the comments space below, or you can use my contact page. Please be sure to include an email address, so that I can ask you questions in case I need more information to answer your question properly.

I always do my best to answer your questions, and you may be surprised to see how fast I answer them.

Thanks! Have a great day, week, month, year!