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Cuil: The New Search Tool

Cuil's logo

Cuil's logo

A new search engine site launched recently: Cuil (pronounced ‘Cool’ from the Old Irish word for ‘knowledge’). The new site experienced some much ballyhooed problems, some due to a huge rush of traffic to see and tryout the new search tool, and some ‘problems’ where users didn’t get the results they expected.

And that’s the whole point.  It’s not Google; it’s cool, er, Cuil; and its all about knowledge.

What sets Cuil apart is it focus, it’s appearance, and the absence of ads.

Just The Facts

If you’re looking for information, real solid information uncluttered by poor writing and unproven facts, then Cuil is a great place to start looking.  Many people today might rush to Wikipedia.org to find information, but if you’re in the know, you know that Wikipedia’s articles aren’t necessarily fact because anyone, and I mean anyone, can write in Wikipedia.

Google Results

Google Results

Go to Google and search for information on any subject, and a Wikipedia article will probably pop up in the first 5 rows. Not so at Cuil. Is that bad?  Is that wrong? No! Because Cuil knows that Wikipedia’s articles can be more opinion than fact.  The potential for misinformation at Wikipedia has harmed the grade point average of many student’s of all ages.

For example: I did a search for “New Jersey” at both Cuil and Google.  Google listed Wikipedia’s entry at number 2, but it didn’t even show on the first two pages at Cuil.  Check out the pictures attahced.

Another thing you’ll notice about Cuil’s results: They look great, and they’re loaded with good information before you even think to click a link. Cuil displays about twice as much text from the target site, and displays it in a highly readable fashion.

By default, Cuil uses a three column layout, but you can switch to a two column view in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  Again, the two or three column view puts more information on your screen so less page scrolling is needed.  (You’d be surprised to know how many people never scroll, and how many don’t even know they can.)

Cuil Results

Cuil Results

Check out the attached pictures for a closer look at Cuil’s layout and design.

Another thing you’ll notice with their results. Look, ma! No ads!  Go to either Google, Yahoo!, or Windows Live! and conduct a search, and some where you’re going to find ads.  Ads can be great if you are out to shop, but I don’t know many people who turn to ads as a substitute for an education. Do you?

Once again, the absence of ads tells you that Cuil is all about information and knowledge. If you’re shopping or searching for opinions, go to the other guys, but if you want solid information, Cuil will take care of you.

As an aside, you might remember the time, all those years ago, when many of us starting turning to Google instead of Yahoo.  We went there because there was no clutter. We went there because there was good information. If that’s still important to you, as it is for me, you may find yourself turning to Cuil for knowledge.

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