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Skylarking Readers in Scotland

I don’t know how many of you check out the ClustrMap at the bottom of the site, but if you scroll down you’ll see it shows geographic locations of this blog’s readership. You can click on the map image to get a closeup, down to a national or state level, but NOT to a city or town level.

Once and a while I like to click on the map myself, and see what parts of the world are and are not reading my blog. (It’s nice to see the People’s Republic of China hasn’t blocked me out.)

But, anyhow, I’m Scottish. I was born in New York, baptised in Ayr, and my grandfather supposedly hailed from Dunragit.

So I was looking to see where they’re reading me in Scotland.

Looks like I’ve got some readers around Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paisley, Aberdeen, maybe Kilmarnock and Dundee, too. It’s really hard to tell because ClustrMap.com doesn’t track it down to the city level. It just shows a rough, and distorted, geographic location.

Where are you reading Skylarking? No matter where in the world you are, post your city or town in the comments below.