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Monkey Fables and Tales

Monkey Fables and Tales

Monkey Fables and Tales

Here’s another blog I found last week: Monkey Fables and Tales. This is a humorous, personal storytelling blog where the writer, known simply as “Monkey Tale”, writes down his almost daily thoughts even when he doesn’t have any. Let me warn you, his sense of humor isn’t for everyone, but he has his moments where he keeps it clean enough for most. Regardless, he tries to entertain in each and every post whether he’s talking about work or his inner thoughts.

In his best posts he tells good humor filled stories about his daily life. Today, there’s the story about the day he lost his voice. I also enjoyed the letter he wrote to his car titled, “Where’s The Love?”. In the former story you can almost imagine being in his head as he and his friends walk down the street or while he tries to drink to regain his voice at the restaurant.

He’s part of the Entrecard.com network (which I mentioned yesterday) and I like his ad with the monkey asking, “How about if I spank you?” (I’m not going to get into the origins of that question).

He has a few other blogs which are more serious.  There’s Sensory Overload, a book review blog, and So Now What? where he reflects on politics, the economy, and current events.

None of these blogs tell you who he is, or where he comes from, and that’s probably not the point, but he’s out there in more ways than one.

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