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Q and A With FBI’s Cyber Division Chief

James Finch

James Finch

Brian Krebs, a Computer Security blogger and reporter at the Washington Post, recently interviewed James Finch of the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division.

At the end of the Black Hat hacker convention in Las Vegas a week ago Thursday, I had a few minutes to sit down with James Finch, head of the FBI’s Cyber Division. What follows is an excerpted Q&A from that discussion, in which Finch describes himself as a serious geek who refuses to be spooked by organized cyber criminal gangs that target online banking customers and other ‘Netizens.

Click to read the rest of the excerpted interview.

In addition to his thoughts and experiences in fighting cyber crime, James Finch discusses his computer and Internet habits from online banking to computer games. He also shares his thoughts on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, and legal and economic ramifications of cyber crime and ID Theft.

Some readers of the interview have posted comments of their own on the subject.

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