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FREE ISSUE of Videomaker!
SANYO VPC-E2 8 Megapixel Waterproof Camcorder - 2.5 LCD Display - 5x Optical Zoom - Blue

Yesterday and Saturday I discussed the SANYO VPC-E2 Camcorder. What I really like about this camcorder is is color, its compact size, and its ability to shoot video under 5 feet of water without a special enclosure. If you’re in a cold place you might not be thinking abut being underwater right now, but you could always shoot in your recreation center’s pool, the shower, or lets the kids play with it in the tub. Hmm?  Okay, think about it then, and get back to me.

If you are interested this great camcorder can be had at Buy.com until Jan. 11, 2009 for $185.  In comparison, Best Buy is selling the Sanyo Xacti 8MP Digital Camcorder with 2.5″ LCD Monitor – Blue for $210, and they’re backordered on it.  Buy.com has them in stock now.

January 2009

January 2009

To complement your new camcorder you might consider getting a subscription to Videomaker magazine. If you click the ad at right you’ll be transferred to the Videomaker web site, and you can get a FREE Issue of Videomaker Magazine!

Videomaker publishes useful articles for the consumer video camera market, i.e. you and I. For example, the January 2009 issue has articles about the latest and smallest camcorders, face detection technology in the new cameras (another great feature in my humble opinion), how to do inexpensive green screen effects and other effects shots (like flying through the air), and professional PC workstations. Don’t let the word professional turn you off.

So go and get a FREE copy of the #1 magazine on Digital Video or get a one year subscription and save 75% off the newsstand price of Videomaker Magazine! And please use my links so they’ll know you read Skylarking, too.

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