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Computer Voters Be Mindful

As you know, there are many states now using computerized voting terminals.  Many of these use touchscreen technology. Anyone who uses touchscreens frequently know that the screens can be either “too sensitive” or “not sensitive enough”.  Think of those ATMs, for example, that didn’t detect your touch, or the ones that typed a character 2 or 3 times, when you only hit it once.

Check The Confirmation Screen Carefully

Be mindful when using computer voting terminals, and make sure you check the confirmation screen to see that it recorded each vote option you selected. Don’t confirm your vote until you’ve made sure your every choice was recorded. If something was missed, you can correct it, but once you click “OK” or “Confirmed” you might lose your chance to fix it.

A very well-known media personality pointed out that when they went to early voting last week, and they almost missed the fact that the terminal didn’t record their choice for president.

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