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Microsoft Expressions Web for Website Design

There are quite a few web design software packages to choose from today. Undoubtedly the big dog on the block is Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS5. Personally, I prefer Microsoft Expressions Web 4. If you use Microsoft Word regularly, you’ll probably like Expressions Web, too, as the interface will already be familiar. Granted there is more to web site design than typing, but this will give you a good jumpstart.

Even if you use Dreamweaver already, you will find that Expressions Web 4 is capable of working with many of your Dreamweaver files and templates. As a matter of fact, I am part of a design team for another website, and most the programmers work with Dreamweaver and they aren’t even able to tell that I’m not using Dreamweaver.

Microsoft StoreAlso, if you’ve used Microsoft FrontPage then you should consider getting the Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Web Professional Upgrade Download for only $80 from the Microsoft Store. Expressions Web has replaced Frontpage as Microsoft’s flagship web design package. I once used FrontPage, and I love working with Expressions Web.

IF you must know, Expressions Web can also allow you to explore new artistic possibilities and create compelling graphic designs and illustrations for the web. I incorporates the latest tools such as Silverlight, Flash (animation), Deep Zoom, and Windows Media files (video) with drag-and-drop ease. It allows the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for generating elegant, modern layouts with a state-of-the-art design surface. It’s also compatible with Photoshop in that it allows you to import those files directly, with complete control over the layers. I also handles popular image formats like PNG, GIF, and JPEG. If already a fluent programmer you’ll enjoy support for PHP, HTML/XHTML, XML/XSLT, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET or ASP.NET AJAX.

If you don’t have a web design program yet, you can also get the full Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Web Professional Download for $149.95 from the Microsoft Store. They’ll even allow you to try it out for 60 days without a purchase.