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iTunes and the LG Chocolate

Here’s a question I received recently:

“I have an LG Chocolate from Verizon, and I want to copy my iTunes music to the phone. How can I do this?”

Assuming you’re interested in transferring music purchased in the iTunes store, then it’s not going to be easy because the LG Chocolate won’t play iTunes music files purchased in the iTunes store. Music files downloaded on iTunes are in an “MPEG4 Protected” (m4p) format. Some are in a m4a format. Neither will play on the LG Chocolate because it only supports MP3 and WMA file formats.


If you copy your own CDs into iTunes using the MP3 format, then you’ll be able to transfer them to your LG Chocolate.


By default, iTunes imports CDs using the AAC format, so you will have to tell iTunes to use the MP3 format instead. Here’s how to do that:

1. In iTunes, click “Edit” >> “Preferences”
2. Click the “General” tab
3. Click the “Import Settings” button
4. Change “Import Using” to “MP3 Encoder”
5. Optional: Change “Setting” to “Good Quality” for smaller file sizes
6. Click OK >> OK

Here’s a neat trick:

Once you’ve told iTunes to import your CDs using the MP3 format, then you could use iTunes to burn your store-bought files to a CD, and then import that CD into iTunes using the MP3 format. So if you’ve got the patience to burn a CD and then import that CD, go for it. (Be aware you’ll have two copies of the song now, one in the iTunes format, and one in the MP3 format.)

Transferring MP3s or WMA files to the LG Chocolate

autoplayThere are several ways to get the MP3 files onto your LG Chocolate, here are three different ways that come to mind:

  1. If you are using a Windows computer and an USB cable to connect the phone to your computer, then you could use Windows Media Player to find the MP3 files on your computer, and synchronize them to your phone.
  2. The same could be done if you remove the micro SD card from the phone and insert it into a micro SD card reader on your computer. Again, Windows Media Player could synchronize files on the card.
  3. Instead of synchronizing using Windows Media Player, you could connect the phone with a USB cable OR insert the micro SD card into a card reader, and then drag and drop your MP3s from the music folder on your computer into the SD card. This method will also work on a Mac. (By the way, this is my preferred method.)

It is my understanding the LG Chocolate has a music folder on it labeled “my_music”. If so, then this is where you should put your MP3s. If you’re using Windows then once you attach the phone or the SD card, you should be presented with an “AutoPlay” window (shown above right from a Windows Vista computer). The AutoPlay window provides you with an option to “Open folder to view files” (circled in red here). Click that option and a window will open showing the contents of the card or phone.


BitPim screenshot

BitPim screenshot

I’ve also read about a program available for Mac, Windows, and Linux called BitPim which is downloadable at www.bitpim.org. This program allows you to view and manipulate files of all kinds on your phone when connecting it to your computer via a USB cable. This is available for free download, and the software is designed by volunteers, but I seen many other sites making reference to this program. As volunteers they’ve also provided a list of phones that they’ve used with the software.

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Question for Verizon Internet Users

Update (2/25/09): Some potential solutions for the Google redirect problem can be found here in a post from 12/02/08.

Dear Skylarking Readers: If you use Verizon for your Internet access, I’d like you to go to www.google.com and search for anything, and see if your search resultsĀ are redirected to www.google.fr.

Here’s why:

In my earlier post, “Why is Google sending me to France?”, I discussed how my Google searches were being redirected to www.google.fr, Google’s French subsidiary. I, not as clearly as I had hoped, suggested that the problem appears to be related to Google’s computers misreading my IP (Internet Protocol) address as originating in France.

To clarify, my ISP (Internet Service Provider) is Verizon FIOS. So Verizon assigns my computers an IP address whenever I connect to the Internet.

Prior to my Google.fr woes, I had received a phone call from my bank stating they believed someone in France had tried to access my bank account. As I worked with their security expert, he looked further and saw it was a Verizon IP address, and further investigation revealed that the IP address originated in New York, and not in France. The bank computers had misread my New York USA IP address as being a French IP address.

It is my opinion that Google is also misreading the IP addresses. It is my opinion that this problem is specific to Verizon users. Perhaps just FIOS users. Perhaps just users in the metro NY area.

So go to google.com and conduct a search. Let me know if the address bar shows you’ve been redirected to google.fr.

If you have a Google account, make sure you aren’t logged in. If your Google account includes your zip code. That information may be used by Google to track you correctly. Those of you who are being redirected from google.com to google.fr might try signing up for a Google account (www.google.com/accounts). You can edit your personal information to include your zip code.

I’d like to point out that I have checked my computer thoroughly for spyware and viruses. I used both Lavasoft’s Ad-aware and PC Spyware Doctor to scan my system.

Update (2/25/09): Some potential solutions for the Google redirect problem can be found here in a post from 12/02/08.

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