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Tigerdirect Deals

TigerDirect Back to School 2009

Here are some computer hardware and software items you might be interested in at TigerDirect.com. Check them out quick, becuase they’re only good for a few more days or while supplies last.

CA Internet Security Suite

CA Internet Security Suite

Free Internet Security Software. How’d you like to spend $80 for Internet Security software, and then get your $80 back, and keep using the software? Well, you can do just that when you buy Computer Associates Internet Security Suite Plus 2009. Pay $80 now and then get $80 back with a mail in rebate from Computer Associates. You can install the software on up to 5 computers. The software is stored in a 1GB Flash Drive. The software package is a bundle of 7 programs, and includes (1) Anti-Virus, (2) Anti-Spyware, (3) Anti-Spam, (4) Anti-Phishing, (5) Personal Firewall, (6) Parental Controls & Backup and (7) PC Files & PC Setting Migration. Mail-in Rebate expires on 9/30/2009.

Iomega Prestige Portable HD

Iomega Prestige Portable HD

250 GB Portable Hard Drive, $60. I can remember a time when hard drives didn’t hold much more than 10 floppy disks could, and those drives were HEAVY. Now we have hard drives that hold millions of floppy disks worth of data, and they weigh so little. One such drive is the Iomega Prestige Portable Hard Drive for $60. It holds 250 GB of files, connects to any computer with a USB port, gets fast data transfer rates with USB 2.0 technology, and it weighs less than a pound. I compared this price to the Iomega 250GB Prestige Portable Hard Drive on Amazon.com, and take a look at who ships and sells it for Amazon. Pretty funny, huh?

Looking for an LCD monitor? Why not check out this 22-inch Widescreen LCD Montor from AOC for $139.99. You can also look this one up under AOC 2217V 22-inch monitor at Amazon.com. Look at the shipper and seller, again. (wink) I told you TigerDirect.com was a great company.

Netgear Wireless B/G/N

Netgear Wireless B/G/N - Recertified

Over the weekend, a friend of mine called up looking for information on setting up a wireless network in their home this week. I told them they’ll need a wireless router and some wireless adapters for their desktop and tower PCs. If you need a wireless adapter, then here’s a price that’s really a steal: $8.97! This is the Netgear WG311 PCI Wireless Network Adapter which can be found for anywhere between $30 and $60 elsewhere, and you can get it for less than $10. It’s recertified, but all that means it someone got it as a gift and didn’t want it, or they bought the wrong one and took it back for an exchange, etc. It’s been repackaged for resale. It’s just a pre-owned item.

This wireless adapter supports all the WiFi standards: B, G, and N. I was looking at Wireless N adapters a few months ago, and they were going for about $60. I know someone who’s trying to setup a dozen PCs for wireless. A dozen of these re-certified adapters will only cost $107. I be lucky to get 2, maybe 4, new ones for that price elsewhere.