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Office 2010 – Better Than Ever

If you run a small business you should have (or upgrade to) Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business Edition. This package provides you with the leading word processing package, Microsoft Word, and the top spreadsheet application, Excel. Beyond that you get PowerPoint for quick and easy presentations (slideshows), and Outlook for managing your email.

Outlook 2010 has proven so useful for managing my email because I have so many email accounts. People always ask “Which email address should I use for you, Robert?”, and I say, “Any of them; they all go to the same place.” That place is my Outlook Inbox. The other great thing about Outlook is the mail rules. I can have it flag or sort important messages as they arrive. Flags add them to my To Do list so I know which mails need to be looked at right away.

Download Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 today and try it free for 3 days. And feel free to leave comments or questions here.

Microsoft Office Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts

When I teach courses for using Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, I always provide my students with a handy sheet of tips, tricks, and keyboard shortcuts.

This handout, which I am providing here as a downloadable PDF is particularly popular in my Microsoft Word classes.  Since Word is naturally a keyboard intensive program, people enjoy knowing that many of the tasks they often perform with a mouse can also be performed with the keyboard.  Such shortcuts include boldface, italics, copy and paste, printing, and doublespacing of paragraphs.

Some useful tricks include creating a double underline, copyright symbols, and arrows, along with the Word calculator for performing calculations.

The tips will work with most versions of Microsoft Office up to and including Office 2007.

If you know of any other shortcuts or tricks, feel free to post them here as a comment. Want to know if there’s a shortcut for performing a particular task? Just post your question as a comment as well.  I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Right click and “Save As” to download or click to open: Microsoft Office Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts (PDF)

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Correcting a misspelled name in Word

Michael from Purchase, NY asks the following question by email this weekend:

I recently wrote a long letter to my lawyer recounting a car accident I was in. Afterwards I had saw I had misspelled the person’s name who hit me. I was very annoyed because I had used the name a lot and it took a long time to correct them all. Is there a fast way to correct mistakes like this?

The feature you’re looking for is called “Find and Replace”. In Microsoft Word 2007 you will find “Replace” on the “Home” tab. In older versions of Microsoft Word (Word 2003, Word 2002 (XP), Word 2000, etc.) , you will find “Replace” on the “Edit” menu.  Either way, you can use the keyboard combination of “CTRL” + “H”.


  1. Highlight the misspelled word or name.
  2. Hold the “CTRL” key with one hand, and while holding it, tap the “H” key with your other hand. The “Find and Replace” dialog box will appear. The highlighted word or name will appear in the “Find” box.
  3. In the “Replace with” box, type the correct spelling of the word or name.
  4. Then click “Replace all”.

If you prefer to use the “Edit” menu, at step 2 click “Edit”  then “Replace”; or in Microsoft Word 2007, click “Replace” on the “Home” tab.

If for some reason you don’t want to change all the instanaces of the misspelled word, at step 4 you can use the “Find Next” and “Replace” buttons. For example, two people with a similar sounding name, but with different spellings.