How To Scan A Photo into Word 2003

I received a request yesterday on how to add photos from your scanner into a Microsoft Word document. They said they had Word 2003, and they were interested in creating family newsletters for their friends. They were also considering starting a newsletter for their building association.  Many of the photos they had were hard copies, so they were going to have to scan them.

Here’s the method I offered:

Scanning Pictures into MS Word

  1. Start Word
  2. Type message or text first (optional)
  3. Click where you would like to place a picture
  4. Put photo into the scanner
    1. Click “Insert” >> “Picture” >> “From scanner or camera …”
    2. Click the “Insert” button. The scanner will scan the photo, when the scanner stops the photo will automatically be added. You may need to scroll down to find the photo in your document.
  5. Find the photo in your document, and then double-click the photo to adjust the size. The “Format Picture” dialog box should appear.
    1. Click the “Size” tab.
    2. Adjust the “Height” or the “Width” in inches.
    3. Click the “Layout” tab.
    4. Click the square above “Square”
    5. Choose to have the photo go to the “Left” or the “Right” side of the page.
    6. Click the “OK” button
    7. Click on another location on the page other than the photo.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5g for each additional photo.


  • After all photos have been added, if you need to resize photos, repeat steps 5 through 5g
  • To reposition photos:
    • Place the mouse on the center of the photo
    • Hold down the left mouse button
    • Drag the mouse to a new location to move the photo. A dashed outline will show the photos new location.
    • Release the left mouse button when the outline is properly located.

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