One More Way to Deal with Spam — Unsubscribe

Another way to deal with spam or “Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE)” is to use the required Unsubscribe link all the way at the bottom of the message.

“I Don’t See an Unsubscribe link?”

Then the “spammer” has violated the CAN SPAM Act which also requires an “Unsubscribe Mechanism” in every commercial email message. Forward the message to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at You’ll find the “Forward” button on the same row as your “Reply” button.

“I Clicked Unsubscribe, But I Got an Error Message”

That’s another violation for the spammer. There must have an electronic Internet based method of unsubscribing, and it must be functional. Forward the message to

“All This Forwarding, It’s Too Much For Me”

Fair enough. Some email services have a “Spam” button. If you are currently reading the spam message, just look for a button labeled “Spam” or “Junk” and click it. The email address for that message will be added to a spam filter and blocked. Just be sure you don’t want to hear from that person again.

“I Tried All This, and I Got Another Message From The Same Sender”

If you used the Unsubscribe option, then the sender was required to remove your email address within three business days. They’re just looking for trouble, aren’t they? You can now take a few minutes to file a complaint with the FTC using the “FTC Complaint Assistant”. It’s also available in Spanish. Plus they have a special service, Military Sentinel, designed for complaints from members of the Armed Forces and their families. Your tip might just be the one that helps send another spammer to jail.

Read more about the FTC Complaint Assistant.

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  1. Cool post. Thanks. I didn’t know about the Spam Law.

  2. Hi, Bruce. Yes, you can find the FTC guidelines for commercial email here: The CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business

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