Skylarking Syndicated by Yahoo!

Bellmore, New York (April 1, 2010) — Skylark NetWorks, announced today that its technology blog, Skylarking, has signed a 5 year syndication agreement with Yahoo!

This partnership will be a part of Yahoo!’s efforts to become the top educational news source for emerging computer and Internet hardware and software for homes and small business.

“The wry humor and easy-to-understand style presented by Skylarking — on a nearly every other day basis — aligns perfectly with Yahoo!’s family friendly image and its appeal to Internet users from 9 to 92,” a Yahoo! representative said. “Not to mention how Skylark’s avian form complements the world famous uplifting tree trunk “Y” of the Yahoo! brand.”

“Needless to say what Skylarking has been able to contribute to the general public’s computer skills and knowledge in as little as two years is phenomenal.”

“I thought this was some massive joke when Yahoo! approached me with this offer, but I’ve always been something of a Yahooligan,” said Skylark NetWorks president and Skylarking author Robert Saunders. “Yahoo!’s faith in Skylarking will allow the Skylark name to soar to new heights, but I won’t ‘nest’ on my laurels.”

Robert Saunders will take on the title of “Yahoo! Technology Editor” while remaining the principal contributor to Skylarking.

Yahoo! stocks (YHOO) rose 2 cents per share on the NASDAQ when the markets opened shortly after the press release was issued announcing the new syndication deal.

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