Velocity Cruz Reader – One of the Worst Tablets Ever

imageWhen I don’t post in a long time, sometimes because I can’t think of something to blog about, and then I write a post like this, and think “This post has been staring me in the face for weeks, and I’ve only though of it today?”
I’ve been aware of the Velocity Cruz Reader for about 6 months. It’s a device which serves much the same function as the iPad, but it uses the Android OS instead of Apple’s iOS.
I think the Velocity Cruz Reader is one of the worst tablets to hit the market. I’ve told that to at least 70 people considering getting a tablet.
And now I’m finally blogging about it.
Velocity has two tablets on the market. The inexpensive $120 to $150 Cruz Reader and the $250 to $300 Cruz Tablet. The first and less expensive model is the one to avoid, while the second is actually worth the money.
Clarification: Cruz Reader under $150, BAD; Cruz Tablet over $250, GREAT!
imageSorry, I’m rambling, I’ve been awake for less than 30 minutes.
Honestly, I am surprised they released the Cruz Reader onto the marketplace. Its touchscreen is its worst feature, as it requires repeated hammering to get a reponse. One average I had to strike an icon 5 times before anything happened.
Then the 256 MB of system memory can’t be considered anything less than anemic, in my opinion. There are smart phones with more memory than this. When I point this out people often say, “No, Rob, it has 4GB of memory.” Tehn I correct them by pointing out that the 4GB refers to an SD card for storing files, and not to system memory for running the device and its apps. 256 MB will run into speed and functionality problems quite quickly.
So if you are looking for a tablet: Stay away from the Cruz Reader — try it for the hell of it — then buy the Cruz Tablet instead.
Guess I’ll blog about the Cruz Tablet for breakfast tomorrow. Have a great day! Eat your breakfast!


  1. rd says:

    What do you expect for a hundred bucks sh*thead!!!!!

  2. Phoenixsf says:

    I think the Cruz reader is a beta version that was never tested. It sure seems that way. It’s without question a mess that never should have been foisted on the public. If they did test it and released it despite the fact that it’s clearly subpar then it’s a rip off.

  3. What The Fuck!!! says:

    WTF Did You Expcect For 100 Fucking Bucks Dumbass

  4. RD and WTF: Do you think it’s acceptable for a company to sell a non-functional product? Do you think that putting a $100 price tag on it means “this doesn’t work, so don’t buy it”. There are several readers on the market in this price bracket that do work, and work well. This product was completely busted, and I had many people ask me about it, so I addressed it here to save me from repeating myself.

    Phoenix: You can see this is a common practice today. Release a y flawed high top help finance the development of a functional followup product.

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