For those of you have have managed to talk yourself out of voting on Election Day, November 4, I encourage you to go out and vote.  I’ve seen and heard a lot of reason people have not to vote, and I’m going to run through a few of them here.

My vote doesn’t matter. Your decision to vote might very well matter to someone you know who might vote, too, if they knew you were going to vote. That is, your decision may affect someone else’s decision. Collectively, you will make a difference.

My candidate’s not going to win. Your decison not to support them certainly won’t increase their chances. Your decison to go ahead will.  This reason not to vote is all too common.

My candidate’s going to win. I heard this one at least six times I can recall. Imagine if they were all intersted in the same candidate. And if they came to that conclusion, then there are probably many more people out there making the same decision.

Don’t trust the surveys.  Those surveys typically target a very small population segment, and the means by which the survey is taken certainly distorts the results.  Examples include, web site surveys and text messaging surveys. Not everyone checks out the same web sites, not everyone sends text messages. Then there are the phone surveys, since many people won’t answer calls from unknown numbers.

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